Things to do for August 23, 2012

The Weekender

Fried Chicken Is About to Dominate Your Weekend

The weekend moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Spitz Arrives in Los Feliz

Spitz Arrives in Los Feliz

Picture this: you just had one too many at Tiki-Ti. Now picture this: you stroll over to the new outpost of Spitz for a doner kebab—lamb and beef wrapped in lavash flatbread—and a beer. That’s better. You could also just come for lunch, but that’s less fun to picture.

New Chairs at A+R... on La Brea

New Chairs at A+R... on La Brea

Over in Venice, A+R has long been your go-to shop for random design-y stuff for your place. The new La Brea outpost is twice the size, with more furniture, including a chair made from steel blown up like a balloon. Whatever you do, don’t pop it.

Now soft-open, officially opens Sep 1, A+R, 171 S La Brea Ave, 323-692-0086

Dinner at Eva, sans Your Phone

Dinner at Eva, sans Your Phone

Something weird is happening at Eva. You settle in for a nice dinner and realize: everyone’s looking at each other, not their phones. Strange. Yeah, the chef-owner has decreed: hand over your phone upon arrival, and dinner’s 5% off. You can tweet pictures of drinks afterward.

Ongoing, Eva, 7458 Beverly Blvd, 323-634-0700

A Mud Run on Mammoth Mountain

A Mud Run on Mammoth Mountain

The Saturday run: a sacred tradition. But hey, f**k tradition. At this weekend’s Mammoth Mud Run, you’ll slog through mud pits, climbing walls and, um, aggressive snowblowers—after a quick warm-up led by the P90X guy. It’s almost as treacherous as Sunset.

Aug 25, $75, Mammoth Mud Run, register at the Mountain Center in the Village

Fried-Chicken Sundays at Cube

Fried-Chicken Sundays at Cube

Listen, there’s no bad way to say this: La Brea’s best date spot is getting into the Sunday night fried-chicken game. By night’s end, your table will have seen a cheese plate, half a fried chicken, a pair of seasonal sides and dessert. And that’s just your half of the table.

Sundays starting Aug 26, $40, Cube, 615 N La Brea Ave, 323-939-1148

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