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Quick, think of the three things that would be part of your last meal on earth.

There’s bacon, sure. Bourbon, naturally. Caramel: hey, why not.

Now put all those things in a glass. And put that glass in a library for some reason.

And then step quietly (or not at all quietly) into The Village, a breezy new gastropub full of bookshelves, intriguing cocktails and short ribs, now open in Studio City.

This place is like the loudest library ever—a welcoming room with cozy seating and well-stocked bookshelves. Oh, and lots of casual industry types getting progressively louder and friendlier with each round of Booker and Bacons (bourbon, caramel, bacon, black walnut bitters). And everybody’s ignoring the books while talking about the scripts in their bags.

If you’re starting before sundown some night soon (like, say, tonight), you should bypass the library and stick to the other half of this place. The half with a retractable roof, a breeze wafting over the hill and a pizza oven cranking out goat cheese and bacon pies. Even if you’re more in the mood for a burger, beer-braised meatless tacos or some short ribs and polenta, the smell of a goat cheese and bacon pizza is never a bad thing.

It’s called atmosphere.

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