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It’s come to our attention that you like bars.

Ones with beer. And fried things. And whiskey. And pork things. And rum drinks. And... little blinking ghosts being chased around by a yellow circle that’s wearing a bow.

Perfect. Meet Joystick Gamebar, a new watering hole in the Old Fourth Ward that’s combining everything you want in a bar with everything you wanted in an 11th birthday party, soft-opening tomorrow night.

Below, the facts/figures/numbers/cheat codes that you’ll need to navigate this place.

Current number of arcade cabinets: 10
Eventual number of arcade cabinets: 12
Odds that one of those eventual cabinets will be Donkey Kong Jr. Math: 7%
Specialty cocktails on the menu: 5
Cocktails named Last Level (gin, green Chartreuse and black-peppercorn syrup): 1
Minutes it’ll take you to beat it: 5.5
Longest line to play a game: 9 people (Rampage)
Longest line to get a drink: 3 people
Time the kitchen is open till on Tuesday to Saturday: 3am
Games you can play with one hand while eating a Kool-Aid Pork Steamed Bun: 1 (Ms. Pac-Man)
Cost to play any game: 25 cents
Blackboards on the back wall displaying high scores: 1
Galaga-insect-shaped mirrors in the men’s room: 1
Pac-Man-shaped mirrors in the women’s room: 1
Q*Bert-shaped pint glasses at the bar: 0... so far


Joystick Gamebar
427 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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