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Part Supermarket, Part Date Spot

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They say never food-shop on an empty stomach.

They also say the early bird gets the worm.

And never make the first or last out at third base.

But... where were we... oh, right: food-shopping while you’re hungry.

Don’t do it. Ever.


You’re at Gourmet Table, a new market in Coral Gables that stocks imported delicacies and employs on-site chefs... who’re constantly cooking up said delicacies, now soft-open.

A supermarket with test-drives. That’s sort of the gig here. See something that looks good on the shelves and, well, there’s an attached restaurant that’s currently making a dish featuring it. You know, try before you buy.

So what you’re going to want to do is come here with a date. And a shopping list. Start by combing the wooden racks of rare Mediterranean foodstuffs that are on display (think cognac mustard, truffled honey and grapefruit caviar pearls). Get some ideas. Move on.

Then, head toward one of the adjacent metal dinner tables or, better yet, upstairs into a low-lit lounge filled with plush paisley couches, potted orchids and porcelain animal heads. Find a chef. Or a waiter. You’ll tell them the thing you saw while browsing that made you the hungriest (the crostini). They’ll tell you the thing on the menu that has it (the Black Angus tartare crostini). And boom, you’ve got a meal.

Also, instant gratification.

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