Your Photos Are Now Chocolate Bars

None Okay, you’ve come around on this whole Instagram thing. The instant uploads, the fake Polaroids, the billions from Zuckerberg.

If only the damn things were edible...

Well, thanks to a new service that probably would never occur to you, they are.

It’s called Cocoagraph, and it’s here to put the image of your choice on artisan chocolate bars, starting now.

This is the brainchild of a woman who went to art school, only to open a pastry business, only to try to do both at the same time (reality show surely to follow).

And it’s pretty simple. You’ve just got two choices to make. First, pick whatever digital photo/startup company logo/classic album cover you’d like emblazoned on chocolate. Then, pick said chocolate—Belgian milk, dark, white or 72% organic.

Now, true, you may never actually need something like this. Then again, you might. Perhaps in the form of:
  • Campaign swag, in case you’re desperate to buy votes.
  • Really high-end greeting cards, when you’d like to impress your clients (or just show up your neighbors).
  • An edible version of your high school sweetheart.
Although it’s probably time to move on.

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