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Say you’re at Cafe Stella. Having some steak frites, obviously.

After a while, the time comes to stand up and tuck into a glorious adjacent den of booze.

Which reminds us: Cafe Stella now has a glorious adjacent den of booze.

Say bonjour to Bar Stella, a covert new French spot for a highbrow aperitif, a digestif or, you know, a drink, now quietly soft-open at Sunset Junction.

You already know Cafe Stella—the eclectic, très français enclave of red meat, bordeaux, Intelligentsia espresso and candles. It’s like... Silver Lake Date Night 101.

Now, when dinner’s gone really well and you need a little spot to keep things progressing: circle around out front to the sidewalk. You’ll find what looks like Marion Cotillard’s living room (we assume). It’s an intimate, sophisticated-looking cove with well-dressed creative types lounging around on leather couches and mismatched pillows. Settle in. Introduce yourselves.

Or don’t. Maybe just find a dark corner—hint: the place is all dark corners—and get a couple scotches, neat, from one of the dapper bartenders in black ties and white dinner jackets.

To be clear: black tie is optional for you.


Bar Stella
at Cafe Stella
3932 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90029


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