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About That Hidden Bar in Vesuvius...

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There’s something we need to tell you.

It’s kind of a secret. You see, there’s this hidden...

Actually, hold that thought. Let’s talk about pizza first. More specifically, the fact that the guys from P’cheen just took over the old Pizzeria Vesuvius spot.

It’s great.

Okay, back to the part about the hidden bar they built in there.

It’s called the Edgewood Speakeasy. It’s open now. And...

... you enter through a bookcase.
Find it in the back left of Vesuvius. There’s a protruding, thick, gray book called Deliver Us from Evil. Pull it, and the bookcase is actually a door. Go figure.

... there’s a serious 1920s vibe here.
The music: Cab Calloway. Projected on the wall: Charlie Chaplin movies. In some antique medicine bottles: liquid horse medicine from the ’20s. (Great era for horse meds.)

... discretion is advised.
There’s this table in the back. It’s just shy of pitch-black there. So say you’re rendezvousing with... someone you shouldn’t be rendezvousing with. That’s where you’ll want to sit.

... the cocktail menu’s got a boilermaker section.
On it, you’ll find: the Only in Atlanta (beer mixed with bourbon, Drambuie and salty peach puree); the Dark of White (a white ale, with rum and allspice dram). On it, you won’t find: apple moonshine. Because it’s off-menu.

Also, it’s not a boilermaker.

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