What Elsa

Cocktail Den-Slash-Tailor in the East Village

You like your service personalized, your clothing customized and your cocktails strong and expertly mixed. Apparently, you're not the only one.

In a month already marked by momentous developments, we're happy to inform you of something only slightly less significant: the chance to mix your tailoring with your tippling, your bespoke with your booze, all in an appropriately stylish venue. Welcome to Elsa, your new favorite bar/custom tailor shop, soft open now in the East Village.

Think of Elsa as your go-to in those moments when you can't decide between going out for a bender or building the perfect three-piece suit. Of course, you can make an appointment during the day if you're looking for the typical bespoke treatment—fittings, fabric and hand craftsmanship. But we're much more interested in the stylish multitasking that can take place a bit later in the evening—swing by with your sartorial dream (you know you have one), and let the experts go at it while you get comfortable with a full round of martinis.
The first time you stop in, you'll immediately be struck by the Old World glow of the small room. The walls and booths are painted warm winter whites, the vintage light fixtures hold exposed Edison bulbs, and the bar is anchored by an old Singer sewing machine that's been converted to a beer tap. Even the drink menus are individually bound in mismatched old book covers.
And since a Freemans bartender is behind the cocktail list, you know you'll be in good hands booze-wise. 

After all, good taste extends beyond just fashion.


217 E. 3rd St
(between Ave B and Ave C)
East Village
New York, NY, 10009

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