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A Hidden Haven of Japanese, Just Off U Street

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Discretion and stealth can be critical when it comes to dates around here.

Fried pork nuggets and personalized sake: not so critical. But damn nice when you can find them.

So say hello to Izakaya Seki, a tiny, barely noticeable Japanese spot, opening later this month in Shaw.

Consider this the subtlest of date destinations in your arsenal, when the two of you really don’t want to be seen. Except by each other. Well, and the Japanese chef passing you wasabi chicken tenders, BBQ short ribs and tempura vegetables across the bar.

You’ll know they’re open when you see the red lantern shining over the door, but word of warning: they don’t take reservations, so you’ll have to put your name on the list and fetch a drink nearby while you await their call.

Of course, if you’re with a big group, they’ll make an exception and put you upstairs in the minimalist dining room. There, you can order up shareables like the chef’s daily sashimi and pork trotters with miso mustard.

In your glass: maybe an aperitif of Japanese beer or whiskey, followed by bottles of sake and shochu. On your bottle: your name, because if you buy a bottle they’ll be happy to personalize it for you and put it on a shelf for your return.

You like to mark your territory.


Izakaya Seki
1117 V St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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