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We’ve seen your future, and you’re on a date.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Actually: we hope it’s not today or tomorrow, because this wine bar doesn’t open till Wednesday.

Take a deep, thoughtful gaze at The Colonial Wine Bar, a new Melrose hideout from some esteemed proprietors who really know how to do this sort of thing, officially opening two days from now.

You’ll recognize this place as the former home of Tirovino—it’s a long, regal room that gets darker the farther back you go, with a bar down the left, yellow banquettes down the right and some exposed beams overhead. (It’s those beams that seem the most... colonial.)

Why you’re here: you’ve got a date who has done bordeaux and is ready to go more off-grid with wines from the far reaches of Hungary and Slovenia. (You’ve been promising your date you’d check out Slovenia.)

You could just have a couple glasses at the bar, chatting with your wine guy, David Haskell (Bin 8945), though we’d suggest getting comfortable at a candlelit table in the back. That’ll give you enough room for plates of mussels, a lamb burger and some roasted marrowbones with oxtail marmalade, from the former chef of Villetta in Brentwood.

Brentwood: the most prized stamp in your passport.


The Colonial Wine Bar
7166 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046


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