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Leather Boots and Cashmere on Rush Street

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This is it. Officially summer. Slap on the sunscreen. The shades. The star-spangled Speedo.

And, of course, don’t forget a good cashmere Italian pocket square. Speedo or not, you’re still a gentleman.

Welcome to Brunello Cucinelli, a new temple of Italian finery now open on Rush Street and ready to add some additional molto bene to your closet.

So, Brunello. You’ve probably heard his name. He’s sort of the Italian answer to Ralph Lauren. Rugged. Refined. Dabbles in philosophy. Probably does a little fencing in his spare time. And, sure, he owns a castle. No biggie. Well, this store basically looks like the dressing room of just such a man, complete with casually placed fencing mask.

But now back to your upper left pocket. When you walk in, you’ll find a tray of pocket squares in everything from the aforementioned cashmere to a more rugged chambray. But wander. Touch that soft cashmere sweater that begs to be tied around your shoulders. Then stroke those leather hiking boots, perfect for your upcoming Aspen trip.

And then there’s that reversible jacket, suitable for a motorcycle ride for two up Sheridan Avenue that somehow turns into a romantic bonfire in Wisconsin.

A good jacket can have that effect.


Brunello Cucinelli
939 N Rush St
(between Oak and Walton)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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