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The Strip’s Stunning New Supper Club

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You just missed the Rat Pack’s glory days. By a few decades.

Too bad, because you really know your way around elegant lounges filled with burlesque... and life-size dancing puppets...

They were always looking for a puppet guy.

Take your first look inside Bootsy Bellows, an old-school Sunset Strip lounge opening next Friday for glamorously crazy nights of pie, cocktails and live entertainment.

Think of this as the 2012 version of a Sinatra-Draper situation where everybody’s a few drinks in, wondering if they really just saw some onstage puppets through the haze of sprawling banquettes and glittering lights.

Show up around 9pm for a table in front of the stage, and order some drinks and a bunch of pies for dinner. That’s what they do here. Soon you’ll be taking in some extravagantly costumed burlesquers, dancing puppets and/or the occasional Arquette. David’s emceeing here, and the place is named after his mom. Yes, Bootsy Bellows was her burlesque name. Frankly, she sounds awesome.

Anyway, when you’re in more of a laid-back, pink-couch-and-a-baby-grand kind of mood, head to the spacious private room straight ahead. You never know who’ll be pro-ivory-tickling that night, or dancing behind the one-way mirror.

Of course, to see any of this, you should probably call up your pals Brian Toll and John Terzian (SHOREbar), or Darren Dzienciol and Deborah Maguire from Trousdale.

Or convince somebody you’re an Arquette.


Bootsy Bellows
9229 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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