Things to do for June 21, 2012

The Weekender

Awful Scripts, Dirty Dancing and New Swimsuits

The weekend thinks Kate Upton must have a great personality.

When You’re at the Beach, Wear These

When You’re at the Beach, Wear These

In solidarity with the solstice, the best-named surf wear company around (Warriors of Radness) has launched a new line of washed-out trunks and T-shirts. They look like they’ve been sitting in the sun, on a beach towel somewhere, for years. So make sure you wash ’em before wearing.

A Dance-Along Dirty Dancing Screening

A Dance-Along <em>Dirty Dancing</em> Screening

Your inner Swayze: never far beneath the surface. Especially here: at Grand Performances tomorrow, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Film Festival, you’ll be taking some salsa lessons... before Dirty Dancing screens with live dancing. You’ve never felt this way before.

A Very Fred Segal Summer Sale

A Very Fred Segal Summer Sale

After work on Friday, the usual drill: a stiff drink and a loosened tie. And that’s great. But this week, maybe do it at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, where in addition to your cocktail you can get a whole lot of stuff—Levi’s, shirts, shoes, furniture—at half off.

Jun 22-Jul 3 (happy hour Jun 22, 4-7pm), Fred Segal, 420 and 500 Broadway, Santa Monica

Staging a Terrible Script for Laughs

Staging a Terrible Script for Laughs

Like most people in this town, you’ve read a few pretty awful scripts. Many of them get made. But a select few get mounted onstage, unaltered, and played for laughs—like Abi’s Choice, over at Sacred Fools this weekend. We’re sure there’s an agent somewhere demanding his cut.

Introducing Mr. C Yacht Club

Introducing Mr. C Yacht Club

You’re familiar with Mr. C hotel. You’re familiar with yachts. But you’re not familiar with Mr. C Yacht Club, a nautically minded new brunch party happening on the hotel pool deck, with pizzas, Bellinis, Darren Dzienciol (the Beverly) and waitresses in Bermuda shorts. Because it didn’t exist until now.

Sundays starting Jun 24, 11:30am-7pm, Mr. C, 1224 Beverwil Dr, 310-277-2800, RSVP here

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