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Last night’s game: whoa.

You’re not sure how many more of those you can take.

(Preferably three, though.)

It’s during times like these when one needs to look inward for strength. For serenity.

Or if you’re not into all that mumbo jumbo, a lazy afternoon of slowly sipping bourbon should do the trick.

Sit a spell at Georgia’s Union, a lush Southern charmer from the team behind Morgan’s that’s serving up hush puppies, sweet teas and our country’s finest corn-mash whiskey, opening tomorrow in South Beach.

Maybe it’s the potted trees and orchids growing under exposed-wood rafters. Or it could be the whitewashed chandeliers that twinkle over tables fashioned from Dade County pine. Either way, it’ll feel like time moves a little slower here. No, not Chariots of Fire running-scene slow. Sitting-on-a-Savannah-porch-with-a-frosty-beer slow.

Naturally, this works best when approached with a few friends. Stroll in. Start with a couple of cold ones—maybe a Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA on draft (from Georgia, naturally). Then, move on to some Southern classics. Dishes like braised oxtail, sweet-corn hush puppies, fresh peach cobbler, that sort of thing.

And as the proceedings proceed, you’ll want to turn your attention over to bourbon (enough with the waiting). Go for the Old Georgian. It’s Florida oranges, Georgia peaches and bourbon. Also, it’s available by the pitcher.

Cool breeze not included.


Georgia’s Union
1787 Purdy Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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