Grill Seeking

It’s a Barbecue. It’s a Boat.

None First, a bummer.

If you believe Al Gore, the Mayans and the 1995 box office flop Waterworld, someday soon, all of Atlanta will be underwater.

That’s the bad news.

The good news: this won’t affect your ability to grill in any way, shape or form.

Presenting the Barbecue Dining Boat—it’s a grill, it’s a dinghy, it’s got an outboard motor, and it’s available (for the low, low price of 50 grand) now.

Is this thing completely bats**t: well, it looks like a circular bumper boat from an amusement park. With a motor on the back. And an umbrella on the top. And a charcoal grill in the center. So, yes, yes, it certainly is.

Still, this’ll work for the obvious: becoming the first person on earth to cook and eat a porterhouse in every different ocean over the course of a single month. But you could also just use it this summer on Lake Lanier. That’s all right, too.

Here’s how we see that going down. You’ll pull this thing dockside. People will stare. It’s because they’re jealous. Then, you’ll load up some friends. Fire up the grill. Toss on a few veal shanks. Sizzle a few wings. And when it’s time to eat, gun the battery-powered motor and peel out of there like some sort of water ninja.

Who just so happens to be driving a floating BBQ at 2.5 mph.

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