Going Coastal

Turning Your Instagram Photos into Coasters

None One. Billion. Dollars.

That’s what Facebook paid for Instagram.

Twenty. Five. Dollars.

That’s what you’ll pay for Instagram...

To turn your pictures into coasters.

Allow us to explain.

Presenting Coastermatic, a new site that (for a small fee) will transform your finest Instagram photos into scotch-securing sandstone coasters, online now.

Depending on your fondness for the sepia filter, this is either the first or second best thing to ever happen to Instagram. Yes, finally, an option to take that breathtaking Highland Park vista (or that glorious half-eaten cheeseburger picture) and laser-etch it onto a bunch of circular stone beverage coasters. (If only Ansel Adams could have lived to see this.)

How you’ll get these: log in to Coastermatic via Instagram. Pick four photos that you think would look great with a pint of beer on top of them (the ones of you literally grabbing a bull by the horns in Pamplona should work). Next, select a border. Then, pick up some beer.

Why you’ll get these: for dinner parties. For posterity. For a Father’s Day gift. For the fact that it’s important to you that your face be emblazoned on as many household objects as possible. Because you have an inexplicable fear of frames.

And because you have an inexplicable respect for coffee tables.

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