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A Hollywood Lounge. In a Beachside Bungalow.

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If you’ve got one complaint about traffic—

(Note: You’ve got 300,452 complaints about traffic.)

—it’s about nightlife-blocking. Bouncing from a beachside bar to a Hollywood hot spot just isn’t going to happen.

Unless you could find the Hollywood part at the beach...

Introducing The Bungalow, a sort of amazing new Hollywood-y lounge from Brent Bolthouse that’s tucked into an intimate beachside hotel bungalow, booking private events now before a public debut in July.

We’ll give you a moment to take in what’s happening here. Picture any of the places Bolthouse has been involved with. Say... Trousdale or Hyde. You get it. Now transport it to the Fairmont Miramar—yes, really—where you’ll traverse a stone path to enter a little bungalow filled with cozy couches under white-wood ceilings, a game room, an actress or three and a discreet little dining enclave for small-plate feasts from the FIG chef. Oh, and a stunner of an oak-and-Moroccan-tile bar. And that’s just inside.

Out in the surrounding sprawl of colorful plant life and trellises and deck chairs and outdoor fireplaces beyond, we can see you kicking back with a few margaritas. It’s generally what you do in sight line of a trellis.

To repeat: they’re in private-event-only mode for a few weeks, so for now, call Brent up if you’re having a birthday—and watch your inbox for invites to, say, “I just got a full-season commitment from NBC” parties.

Should be better than that “I just got a full-season commitment from Oxygen” party.


The Bungalow
at the Fairmont Miramar
101 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


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