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A Bar Dedicated to Grilled Cheese

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With some men, it’s one innovation and done. Samuel Morse and the code, for instance.

Other people just can’t stop creating, tinkering.

Steve Jobs. Einstein. Ben Franklin. Or a bit more here and now, the chef at Ripple, who’s followed up his groundbreaking pork butter with a bar that serves endless grilled cheese.

It’s called, fittingly, The Grilled Cheese Bar, and its seven-strong lineup debuts tomorrow at happy hour.

Don’t be fooled. It looks just like the regular bar. Okay, it is the regular bar, apart from the new menu. And there really isn’t a time of day when you wouldn’t want this murderers’ row of gooeyness. But fair warning: you can only get them from 5 to 6:30pm (when you can also get all their tap beer and glass wines for half price) and again from 10:30pm to midnight.

Among your seven options from the chef: the Swiss Bank Account (prosciutto, challerhocker cheese) if you’re feeling 1%-ish, and the Krusty Krab, loaded with jumbo lump. Or if your date doesn’t mind bad breath, the Stinky Pete, with asparagus, anchovy and “unrelentingly smelly” époisses cheese.

But should you feel creative, you can build your own from three breads, 15 types of cheese and extras like bacon, caramelized onions and the nebulous “something else green.”

Could be seaweed—you never know.


The Grilled Cheese Bar
available at Ripple
3417 Connecticut Ave NW
(between Macomb and Ordway)
Washington, DC, 20008


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