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A Breezy New Wine Spot in Highland Park

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There are really only three things that could fall out of the sky right now to finish this week off right:

Some good Spanish wine.

A cold California beer.

The return of your office’s Summer Friday water balloon fights.

Put down the balloons for a second and read on...

Introducing The Hermosillo, a dark, unassuming new hideout from the Covell guys, now open on York Boulevard.

If you know this patch of Highland Park well, you’ll remember the sign for the previous incarnation of this place—a retro illuminated square with a girl in a swimsuit. The Covell crew involved here—the owner, a barman and a former expeditor who helped them get the original bar open—let it shine on. Good call.

But inside, it’s an easy, scruffy new neighborhood spot with a few roomy booths down the left and a generous proportion of bar top on the right. So next time you’re in the neighborhood for an art show—or if you just consider it your duty as Los Angeles Wine Ambassador to thoroughly vet all newcomers—do what you gotta do.

The wines will change up often, of course, but they’re heavy on Spanish, Mexican and Argentine reds here. Though if you’re feeling like a beer, they’ve got an old-school projector straight out of seventh-grade math that lights up the beer list on the wall above the 12 taps.

Beer > geometry.

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