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Playing Laser Tag. With Your Phone.

None Laser tag.

It was a big part of your life when you were 12.

Then it went away for a while.

Now it’s back. And we think you’ll like it even more now that you’re out of that awkward stage.

Presenting AppTag Laser Blaster, an app and gun for playing laser tag-y shooting games on your iPhone, iPod or Android, available now for preorder.

This is basically what Tom Hanks used in that toy store in Big. Only, you know, a lot lighter. To get started, you’ll preorder this thing, and in a few weeks you’ll receive a gun in the mail. You’ll clamp it on your phone, and the gun will use high-frequency sound to communicate with your iPhone/iPod/Android sans wi-fi or Bluetooth (note: you may not want to use it around the dog).

Then, just open AppTag and start stalking around the yard with your old pals—firing at one another while using the phone’s speaker as a walkie-talkie.

And if you can’t reunite the pals right away, just launch your favorite shooting game on your phone and go solo.

You’ll be forgiven if some involuntary “pshew-pshew” noises slip out of your mouth.

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