Shore Enough

A Piece of Nantucket on the PCH

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Let’s talk for a moment about our coastline.

We’ve got miles of beautiful beach. Miles of beautiful beach bodies. And an oddly short list of beautiful Nantucket-style drinking shacks...

Time to step inside SHOREbar, a two-level shanty of classic cocktailing that’s half Santa Monica, half Nantucket, soft-opening tomorrow just off the PCH.

You’ll find this place right between the Hungry Cat and Giorgio Baldi—so if you just had an oyster date that ain’t over yet, this is your new spot for a nightcap. You’ll see white-wood walls, nautical art and sweeping views of Malibu Coastline, Catalina Island and Newport Bay. (Those are the names of booths you can reserve in advance by phone.)

You’ll also want to keep it in mind after a Saturday afternoon on the beach with friends, when a pleasant pre-sundown lethargy demands a thorough, leisurely sampling of the cocktail menu from barman Vincenzo Marianella. If you spent some time running around on the sand in slow motion, you’ll want the Baywatch—it’s got gin, orange bitters and Campari, the color of a certain lifeguard’s bikini.

Oh, and upstairs, that’s the members-only area. When it’s up and running in a couple weeks, you can store your favorite booze in a locker, get delivery from nearby restaurants and everything will magically go to your house account. Just call and ask for a membership application—this place is from the h.wood guys, so you’re golden.

Also: s.monica would’ve been just ridiculous.

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