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Eleanor’s, by the Numbers

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There’re certain things you can search all your life for and never find.

Bigfoot. That other sock. A martini bar that’s hidden behind a kitchen appliance that’s hidden inside a bistro.

But, see, that’s where we come in. Because we just found you one of those.

So say hello to Eleanor’s. No, she’s not a Sasquatch. She’s a gin joint that opened under a cloud of secrecy last weekend. Below, everything you need to get familiar. Including directions.

Amount of Eleanor’s identifiable from the street: 0 square feet
Ways to get in via Muss & Turner’s: 2
Percentage of those ways that involve going through a refrigerator door: 50%
Racked bottles of wine along the main hallway: 64... ish
Private rooms designed for drinking said wine: 1
Odds that private room will be used for more than drinking wine: 1:1
Times we spotted the Eleanor around the bar: 4
Boilermakers on the cocktail menu: 4
Coincidence: maybe
Years the rum in the Aged Daiquiri was matured: 12
Ratio of candles to ceiling lights: 100-to-1
Crowd in front of the bar: 3 deep
One-way mirrors behind the bar that peer into Muss & Turner’s: about 11
Voyeuristic thrill one gets from drinking gimlets by candlelight and watching unsuspecting strangers eat a cheese plate: surprisingly significant

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