SkyTec Interactive Simulator via SkyTechSport

Rise of the Machine

Conquering Alpine Slopes in Your Basement

Miraculous what you can reproduce these days with virtual reality.

Wartime feudal Japan. Human-to-alien childbirth. A terrifying hybrid of the Quaid brothers.

But perhaps most astonishing of all: Alpine winter skiing over at your place.

In the summertime.

Meet the SkyTec Interactive Simulator via SkyTechSport, an arsenal of virtual reality ski-training machines that duplicate conquering Olympic slopes, but without the tree risk, available now for home rental.

As you might’ve guessed by the Bond-villain-type name, Germans are behind this. The very same group that recently built a state-of-the-art ski-training center in Beverly Hills as a response to nature’s stubborn refusal to accommodate all skiers anywhere, at all times. Next: they’ll be marching their giant machines over to your place, provided you live in a part of the Western world accessible by mail.

Having a sizable rumpus room will help, too. You’ll be strapped into a pair of ski boots, carving side-to-side on a lateral-moving belt, while motion sensors transmit your moves onto a trio of 10-foot screens with an environment of your creation (thick glades, bumps you can actually feel under your feet, harsh weather).

Just make sure you have the hot tub recourse to deal with it.


SkyTec Interactive Simulator via SkyTechSport
243 N Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90211

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