The Lure Thing

Dancing. Ceviche. Champagne Girls.

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So shamelessly excessive. So gloriously messy. So... kind of inconvenient on a Thursday night.

If only somebody could import it to Hollywood...

Alert: somebody did. Introducing a pulsing, Vegas-style sprawl of champagne and floating champagne girls—it’s called Lure, and tomorrow the doors open for the first time.

This is the Sunset Entertainment Group’s redo of the Cabana Club location... and the Green Door location. So yeah, it’s pretty spacious. Start with a little champagne in the garden past the entrance, tucked into an oversized topiary booth filled with white leather seating and a big golden egg. Unlike most eggs, you can set your drinks on this one.

But soon the throbbing sounds of the DJ will pull you inside. And what you’ll find, it’s fair to say, is 50,000 watts of pandemonium. On the walls: a conflagration of digital imagery in motion. Bond girls. Flames. Subtle stuff like that.

Overhead: a girl in a glass sphere dangling from a track on the ceiling. She’s just delivering bottles, is all. On the ceiling: a bunch of illuminated globes. It’s not your imagination—sometimes they drop 20 feet. And standing on the floor: you. (Enough said.)

Oh, and out back is an intimate overgrown alfresco hideaway, in case you want to throw an elegant little dinner party of ceviche shooters, mini burgers and sashimi tacos at some point.

Just a little break between songs, really.

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