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A Bar Behind a Barbershop

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You don’t ask for much from your barbershop.

Sharp razors. Some old-school decorum. One of those striped things that spin around.

And obviously you’ll need a speakeasy hidden in the back...

Introducing Blind Barber, the long-overdue union of hot shaves and illicit gin from the owners of the East Village original, now soft-open in Culver City.

If you were just driving by, saw the chairs in the window and suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to get a trim, you could come on in and grab a seat. It’s nice enough here, and everything is pretty much as expected. Very... barbershop-y.

Your first clue something is up: the cost of your haircut includes a cocktail. Huh. Okay. This is your kind of place.

You should plan your visit near the end of the workday. Call your friends. Because there’s a door at the back that leads into a sort of handsome Narnia of whiskey, with checkered floors and a brass-top bar. Suddenly, you realize you just spiffed up for a night of grilled cheese—they’ve got nine options back here—and a bunch of Sweeney Todds, made with whiskey and Creole bitters.

You’ll want to remove the apron first.

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