La Cuevita

La Vita Loca

A Mexican Hideaway Stuffed with Mezcal

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There is an important date circled in red on your calendar.

Or there would be if you had an actual paper calendar and circled things.

But anyway, you’re on high alert: Cinco de Mayo is nigh. And in a dark brick cove way off the grid, somebody’s stocking up on tequila and mezcal...

Behold the decrepit splendor of La Cuevita, an out-of-the-way Mexican hideaway from the owner of Thirsty Crow and Oldfield’s, soft-opening Monday.

This place is way east in Highland Park, which could be a con if you don’t have a house in Highland Park. Or it could be a very distinct pro if 1) you do, or 2) you’ve got a discreet date happening and you’re both in the mood to flee your usual hood for a scruffy, boozy pile of bricks with a couple of dimly lit patios. (You’ve gone much further for a dimly lit patio.)

The three-sided bar curves out amiably to meet you, and you wouldn’t want to be rude—step up amid the open beams and leather stools to order a couple of signature La Cuevitas, made with mezcal, elderflower and ginger beer. And if it’s a warm night and you’re in the aforementioned discreet-date situation, you’ll head through the pair of old wood doors to a little bench under some strung-up lights and flags and sky.

Your general mood lighting of choice.

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