Things to do for April 26, 2012

The Weekender

This Weekend: Lobster Rolls, Jeans and Eveleigh

Marco... weekend... Marco... weekend...

A Sandwich Happy Hour on Melrose

A Sandwich Happy Hour on Melrose

After a long day at work, your happy-hour ritual is sacred. You step up to the counter, wave over your guy... and order a round of BLTs. At Marcona’s new sandwich happy hour, order one and the second is free. Take them to go, then hit an actual happy hour.

Thursdays, 5-7pm, Marcona, 7368 Melrose Ave, 323-951-9991

Piles of Levi’s on the Cheap

Piles of Levi’s on the Cheap

About tomorrow’s lunch hour: sure, you could use it to get lunch. Or you could load up on quality denim—there’s a big Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Made & Crafted sample sale happening, with casual shirts, jackets and jeans up to 70% off. Okay, you could probably do both.

Apr 27, 10am-4pm, The Cooper Building, 860 S Los Angeles St, Ste 315, Downtown

Fresh Maine Lobster... on an LA Truck

Fresh Maine Lobster... on an LA Truck

A lot can happen in 24 hours. Tomorrow at this time, your hair might be 30% more outstanding. Also, a lobster can go from the shores of Maine to a fresh roll in your hand, via a new SoCal food truck. Assuming he doesn’t hit traffic.

So a Pig Walks into Eveleigh...

So a Pig Walks into Eveleigh...

At the beginning of your Sunday evening at Eveleigh this week, you’ll be at a communal table out back with a chef, a cleaver and a whole pig. At the end, you’ll have eaten a whole big family-style feast. We’re pretty sure those two facts are related.

Apr 29, 5-8pm, $75, Eveleigh, 8752 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 424-239-1630

RIP, Alpha. Hi, Apt2B.

RIP, Alpha. Hi, Apt2B.

You bought many a good shirt at Alpha. But the place was a little shy on sectional sofas. For the month of May, the location will be reborn as a pop-up from online furniture shop Apt2B, and all month long there will be sofas, deep discounts and cocktail parties. There’s no party like a furniture-store party.

May 1-31, Apt2B at Alpha, 8654 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood

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