Things to do for April 25, 2012

The Weekender

Zombies, Half-Price Caviar and Free Beer

The weekend’s convertible is coming to pick you up.

UD - How to Beat the High Cost of Caviar

How to Beat the High Cost of Caviar

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. Ha, ha. We all laughed. Well, no one’s laughing now that the caviar is too damn high. But the Fishguy is the fish-roe version of Jimmy McMillan, slashing all caviar prices by 50%. Populism at its most elitist.

UD - A New Second-Floor Den of Kung Pao

A New Second-Floor Den of Kung Pao

“... and then one day, I looked up and saw it. A new—yet very classic—Chinese restaurant appeared right in the middle of River North.” That’s the ending of a new book about your harrowing search for good five-spice crispy duck. Sorry about the spoiler.

Now open, Topwok, 58 E Ontario St, 2nd Fl, 312-202-0808

UD - Dressing Like You Own Avec

Dressing Like You Own Avec

Chefs used to be the new rock stars. That became boring. Now they’re the new male models. Abetting them: Haberdash’s spring lookbook featuring everyone from Donnie Madia (Avec, Big Star) to Curtis Duffy (the forthcoming Grace)—with recipes, too. To celebrate: a tequila blowout, naturally.

UD - A Little Beer-and-Cheese Festival

A Little Beer-and-Cheese Festival

You like to get to know the person making your beer. And your cheese. And your whiskey. And so on. So prepare to do a lot of glad-handing—and sampling—when Pastoral brings together the finest small-batch makers of... well, anything you can imagine, really... to meet you.

Apr 28, 11am-3pm, Pastoral, 131 N Clinton St (near Randolph), 312-454-2200

UD - Drinking with the Zombies

Drinking with the Zombies

Pesky zombies. They’re back. They want braaaains. No, wait: beeeer. They want beeeer. The costumed pranksters of Zombie Pub Crawl invade the saloons of North Clark Street for the fifth straight year. Fittingly, it’s a tradition that just won’t die.

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