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Monday. Good time to talk about beer. Also, good time to talk slowly and in extremely short sentences.

So, we’ll be quick: Yard House is now open in Atlantic Station. It’s a monument to all things beer (and a few things fried). Below: everything you need to know. And then some. And then some more.

Total square footage: 14,000
Number of draft beer taps behind the wraparound bar: 130
Number of wall-mounted flat-screens: 20
Average size of said wall-mounted flat-screens: 52 inches
Odds that you’ll come here to watch Braves games: 99%
Odds that you’d claim that, but really come here for the Cuban Roast Pork Dip: 98.62%
Seats on the fire-pit-equipped patio: ≤ 100
Magnitude by which a pint of Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan is improved with a patio: 3x
Crowd around the bar during happy hour: 4 to 5 deep
Number of booths you could sit at instead of waiting at the bar: enough
Abstract paintings of teal blobs hanging behind the booths: more than enough
Chalices of Blanche de Bruxelles you’ll need to consume before the paintings make sense: 2.5
Burgers on the menu: 9
Burgers on the menu that come with bacon: 1
Burgers on the menu that come with rum barbecue sauce: 1
Rum burgers you’ll need to consume before the paintings make sense: 18,046
Meat-coma survival rate: 1 in 76

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