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A Surfboard Made of Coconuts

None Coconuts.

They’re everywhere down here. And generally, they’re pretty awesome.

Let’s look at the important ways in which they contribute to our society.

1. Rum drinks.
2. Um...
3. Hmm...
4. Oh, right, riding seven-foot waves off the Miami coastline.

Yes, that last one is new.

Introducing the Coco Mat Funboard, a coconut-shell surfboard that’s made from the discarded parts of your piña colada, available now.

This sort of feels like the type of thing MacGyver would concoct for himself on a desert island (probably right after he turned a life jacket, some seashells and his left sandal into a respectable gas grill).

So yes, this thing is made of coconut husk fibers (from sustainable crops, if that sort of thing is important to you) that are randomly arranged between layers of fiberglass. It comes in three sizes (7'2'', 7'6'', 7'10''), weighs about three pounds and is basically the lightest, strongest, fastest stick in the ocean. Also, it’s the only one that shares a common ingredient with a FrozFruit.

And in case you’re in the mood for more than just surfing, this thing is sturdy enough to double as a stand-up paddleboard. Or a makeshift bar top.

Clearly, these coconuts didn’t die in vain.

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