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Kebabs and Persian Cocktails in Decatur

You’ve just been seated to dinner. A server approaches the table, amuse-bouche in hand.

It’s either:

1) CornNuts.
2) A thimble of gazpacho.
3) A meticulously arranged plate of radishes, walnuts, feta and mint.

All fantastic options, to be sure.

But for now, let’s pick the CornNuts.

Kidding. Let’s focus on Colbeh Persian Kitchen and Bar, an outwardly inconspicuous date spot that’s bursting with kebabs, lamb shank and sexy little two-tops everywhere, now soft-open in Decatur Square.

The name means “cabin” in Farsi, and that’s what it feels like in English, too: a lengthy, wood-planked lodge lit by high windows and countless Edison bulbs. Also cabin-y is the ominous wooden bar stashed with housemade saffron-infused vodka and flanked by two communal tables.

While your date sates her appetite for Middle Eastern quaffables like the Persian-inspired Kerman Kooler (rum, pistachio syrup and lime), you’ll lead the way to a big cushy banquette over in the corner. And soon enough, things like sabzi (that radish/walnut-y plate) and Lebanese reds will start flying at you from all directions.

It’s a start.

But as you and your hummus-happy accomplice begin to settle into your evening, consider upping the ante by splitting a Joojeh Kabob with charbroiled bone-in Cornish hen or the Chicken Koobideh sandwich... It’s basically skewered chicken breast and Persian pickles wrapped in flatbread.

Yeah, a kebab sandwich.

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