Text Master

Never Make a Phone Call Again

None Communication.

It comes in various forms.

Carrier pigeons. Morse code. Yelling really loudly.

Also: text messages. Which you can now send practically anywhere...

Introducing TalkTo, the brand-new, Cambridge-based app that lets you communicate with any business in Boston via text message, available now.

So say you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and you realize you could go for a massage that day (you tend to brush hard). Simply pull up this app, search for local massage spots and text them about any openings that day (if you’ve ever texted anyone, you’ll know how this works). Through the magic of this app, they’ll be able to receive your message and text you back an answer.

There are already lots of local hotels, shops and restaurants on board with this thing. And should you ever need to reach a nonlocal business, TalkTo has you covered there as well. They’ll reach out to any business in the US for you and text you back answers.

Good news for mimes everywhere.

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