Flesh and Bone

A New Temple of Italian Deliciousness

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The Stars: already on vacation.

The Mavs: holding on for dear life.

The Rangers: well, you saw Darvish two nights ago.

Let’s talk about something else. Anything else. Oh, we don’t know... meatball sandwiches.

Specifically, the ones at Carbone’s, a bright new temple of Italian heroes, wine and culinary goodness, opening Tuesday.

What you have here is a secret cache of deliciousness: a grocery store, a deli counter and a restaurant hidden in a former Talbots in Highland Park. (Sadly, the pantsuits are long gone.)

Below: a few ideas of when this place might come in handy.

When you’re practicing for your Top Chef audition.
Head to the grocery section, overflowing with housemade pastas, rare olive oils and vino. Commandeer some cured meats or just order a spaghetti Bolognese platter. (Note: this also works for the all-important at-home date.)

When you need to grab a lunch and go.
You can pick up a quick porchetta sandwich, made with Iowa-grown pork, from the lunch counter. No one does Italian like the Iowans.

When you require a low-key date spot.
On Sundays only, they do waiter service. Request a table in the dining room by old family photos of the chef, a Nonna alum. Here you’ll eat anything from Berkshire pork cutlet to fried oysters.

Remember to save your date a bite.

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