Win, Zsnuz or Draw

An App for Napping

None The power nap.

That all-important rite of midday passage involving you, your executive beanbag chair and 30 minutes of precious solitude. And maybe Kenny G.

It’s a fleeting and beautiful thing.

Until it’s time to wake up, that is...

Here to make that last part a bit more palatable: Zsnuz—an alarm clock iPhone app that lets you ease out of your afternoon siestas without ever having to touch a snooze button again, available now.

Picture your kindergarten teacher saying something like “Five more minutes until naptime’s over.” Now picture her voice being a mystic gong instead of a voice. A mystic, slumber-dissolving gong that will sound thrice before automatically fading away for another nine to 15 minutes without you ever having to fumble around for your phone.

So let’s say you ended up eating a whole leg of lamb for lunch again. Needless to say, a power nap is eminent. You’ll pull up the app, choose how long you want to nod off for and pick a melody to wake up to.

From there, it’s a simple matter of putting your calls on hold, kicking off your shoes and waiting for said gong to sound. And since having to actually move your body to find your phone and hit the snooze button could result in... making you actually want to wake up, it’ll go ahead and do that for you.

Unless you don’t use the snooze button. In which case, move on.

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