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An Old Saloon in the Heart of Hollywood

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The intergenerational feuds. The damsels in distress. The epic showdowns.

Sometimes Hollywood feels just like the Old West.

But at least there are pulled-pork fries and obscenely large cocktails...

If, that is, you’re hitting Outpost, the surprisingly old-timey saloon in the heart of the Cahuenga Boulevard scene, opening Thursday.

You won’t walk in through dusty shutter doors here. It’s just... a front door. But inside sort of feels like every cowboy movie you’ve ever seen—with lots of dark wood, plenty of animal skulls... and heaping baskets of pulled-pork fries. In short, it’s the kind of bar that would make Eastwood’s day.

So yeah, even though this spot is from the guy behind Villa and Premiere, it’s the place to go in Hollywood when you’ve totally OD’d on Hollywood. You just want a brown-leather booth, obscene amounts of burgers and wings, an easy view of the game and sturdy Southern Lemonades (part sweet tea vodka, part lemonade) served in mason jars.

And if a mason jar isn’t enough, you can get your drink in a boot. Seriously. They hold 45 ounces of the good stuff.

Your German cowboy friends will love it.

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