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A Mexican Pop-Up in a Seafood Shack

5 Photos Bandolero at Tackle Box
None 5 Photos Bandolero at Tackle Box
You expect to get a few things at a Cape Cod–style fish shack:

1) Giant lobsters
2) Oyster crackers
3) A drawn-butter mustache

What you don’t expect:

1) Enchiladas
2) Celebrity chefs
3) A cactus-juice mustache

Yes, Mike Isabella is at it again, and this time it’s called Bandolero at Tackle Box, a two-week pop-up preview of his forthcoming Mexican joint. It’s going down at Tackle Box in Cleveland Park starting later this month and taking reservations now.

By now, you’ve heard about Isabella’s forthcoming Bandolero in Georgetown. But—welcome to DC—construction is delayed. So he’s biding his time in the Cleveland Park seafood shack.

Things won’t look much different here: you’ll sit among lobster traps and buoys. But when the first of your five courses starts hitting the table, it will be... well, the opposite of Cape Cod.

They’re being a bit coy about what will be on the menu, but you might expect Fish Stick Tacos, an ancient Aztec dip made from pumpkin seeds and enchiladas stuffed with all manner of meats.

And if you can’t land a reservation exactly when you’d like, they’re keeping all the metal stools at the long bar open for walk-ins—the better to sample the cocktail lineup, like mezcal Old Fashioneds and the prickly pear margarita, spiked with juice from the cactus.

It’s actually quite approachable.


Bandolero at Tackle Box
3407 Connecticut Ave
Washington, DC, 20008


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