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Five Facts About Pour Vous

None Finally, Pour Vous is here—that regal, long-awaited French lounge from the La Descarga/Harvard & Stone guys. Last night we took a look around, and now we’re ready to bring you the five critical facts you need to know.

1. They’re officially opening this weekend.
This is going down in the extremely intimate (read: small) former Forty Deuce space on Melrose—so the door is going to be pretty tight.

2. You can get around all that door drama.
Gather a group of eight easy-on-the-eyes types who like to drink champagne, and request a reservation online. Since the place is so small, they’ll field bookings for groups of eight or larger.

3. We have to say, it’s pretty f---ing elegant inside.
Think brick walls, dark candlelit coves, gleaming chandeliers and a stunner of a marble bar. Our favorite hideout is on the red banquette back by the fireplace.

4. There’s an old trolley car hidden out back.
Yes, you can climb up into it. Which makes it our second favorite hideout.

5. They have a drink called the Ménage à Trois.
The other cocktails are just as French and aphrodisiac-y. So you’ll want to usher in the type of date who’s not afraid of a little cognac. (Luckily, this is the only type you date.)


Pour Vous
5574 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90038

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