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Offal, TV Dinners and Pork-Washed Bourbon

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Let’s talk TV dinners, then and now.

Then: 25 minutes in the oven. You’re drinking a big glass of orange soda. You’re watching I Dream of Jeannie reruns.

Now: someone spent all day making it. You’re drinking a bourbon that was washed in pork fat. You’re watching the bartender pour you another one.

Or at least it will be so next week, when Green Pig Bistro officially opens in Clarendon.

Things have gone a bit retro here, but in a good way. The white oak behind the bar is from a Gettysburg log cabin, circa 1760. The daily “meat plate” might involve housemade bologna or Slim Jims (as in, from back before they started calling it charcuterie).

You might try one of the house cocktails there—with the aforementioned fat-washed bourbon, calvados, Chartreuse and lemon—before you head into the main dining room, a museum of antique kitchen gadgets, like an absinthe fountain and a giant cabbage slicer from Germany. There, at your concrete-and-steel table, you can pick from 18 American canned beers while you await your Trotter Tots, Beef Shank and Ale Pie with Kidneys and root beer float.

But don’t miss the daily plats du jour, most modeled after a classic TV dinner, like Salisbury steak or cottage pie, and served in vintage cast-iron cookware.

TV tray not included.


Green Pig Bistro
1025 N Fillmore St
Arlington, VA, 22201


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