Laurel Tavern

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New Open-Air Pub off Laurel Canyon

Fact: Few issues in life remain unsolved after a burger and a beer.
Or if they do, you've forgotten about them and ordered another round. Laurel Tavern is here for you—it opens tomorrow just off Laurel Canyon Boulevard.
It's the kind of brick-and-beam place you enter in whatever you happen to be wearing, sit wherever you feel like (by the front wall of open windows is best) and consume more calories via beer and Hickory Burger than you plan to count. All the beers are on tap—we repeat, no bottles—and all were chosen by LA's most omnipresent beer sommelier, the Beer Chick. (She likes the Hollywood Blonde Kolsch, and not just because the actual tap is...a Hollywood blonde.)
If a few of the menu items (Steak Fries in Pork Fat) look familiar, that's probably because they are. One of the owners also operates Library Bar, which, as you know, just built a kitchen to serve a few of the same favorites you might find here. But from day to day, the chalkboard in back—the only actual menu in the place—may surprise you.
As will your capacity for consumption.


Laurel Tavern
11938 Ventura Blvd
(E. of Laurel Canyon)
The Valley
Los Angeles, CA, 91604

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