Say Anything

A Guy Who Will Build You Anything. Anything.

None Close your eyes and imagine... anything.

Anything at all.

Coffee tables made out of actual coffee. Books that read you. A 1967 Shelby GT made out of Skittles.

Good. Now open your eyes and send this guy an email.

He wants to make that stuff for you...

Welcome to the bizarre and wonderful world of I Make Anything, an online service that goes something like this: you make a request and it simply becomes so, available now.

It’s that easy, really. Dream something up, hit the website and send the UK-dwelling costume designer/pyrotechnics specialist/madman named Ciaran Larkin an email describing what you’re looking for.

He’ll ask you a few questions. The two of you will bandy about and iron out the details. And then he’ll go to work building ridiculous and awe-inspiring things for you.

So let’s say, hypothetically, that this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day. And, hypothetically, you plan on chartering a chopper to Savannah and dropping in on the festivities with about a million other like-minded individuals.

You’ll need a green tuxedo that also cooks Hot Pockets. And a flask made of gold. And maybe an iPod dock built into your bowler hat so that...

Okay, okay. Your turn.

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