Urge Overkill

Delivery Direct to Your Beach Blanket

None Picture it...

You, prime beach-blanket real estate, a heated round of Twister on the sand with the Icelandic Olympic pole-vaulting team.

Walking away from your inevitable triumph for mere sustenance: out of the question.

But here’s something that’ll help you out with that...

Presenting Urge, an app that will deliver your foot-long bacon-and-mozzarella super dog anywhere in Miami, taking orders now on your iPhone or Android.

Consider this a banner moment for instant perros gratification. A mobile app that functions as an express food delivery service/tracking device for anywhere in the city.

After you download it, you’ll select a restaurant (say, Chow Down Grill or Sumo Sushi) and enter your order. So far, so good.

Now here’s the game changer: the app uses the GPS coordinates given by your phone to pinpoint your exact location. Your whereabouts are then passed along to your chosen restaurant, along with a customer description that you’ve previously entered. The result: spicy salmon rolls delivered to the furry-bikinied folks Twister-ing on Ocean and 4th.

There’s also a liquor store option, so in 30 minutes you can count on having a case of champagne delivered directly to your beach lounger.

It’s important to keep hydrated.

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