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Gearing Up for Mavericks

Mavericks... you know the drill. They’ve got a month to call this epic surfing battle. And once they do, you’ll have 24 hours to drop everything and get there (there being the grounds of the Oceano resort). Thankfully, we’ve already got your packing list. Below, seaside spectating essentials. Water-resistant foam finger optional.

UD - Aether Atmosphere Jacket

Aether Atmosphere Jacket

What: A lightweight hooded jacket made by LA outerwear gurus and sold in an RV at the Hayes Valley proxy.
Why: The seam-sealed construction, double-layered smart fabric shell and waterproof zippers mean that on the off chance you get near a wave, you’ll stay bone-dry. Well, your jacket will stay bone-dry.

UD - A Mermaid Needlepoint Flask

A Mermaid Needlepoint Flask

What: A nautical-themed, six-ounce, stainless-steel flask that’s embroidered with a mermaid and trimmed with full-grain leather. Insert rum here.
Why: There won’t be any spirits flowing at the festival grounds, so consider this your emergency stash... for toasting the champion, of course.

UD - A Director’s Chair with Side Table

A Director’s Chair with Side Table

What: This one-piece portable director’s chair folds down into an easy-to-carry 11-pound package.
Why: The accompanying side table has a cupholder that’s specifically notched for mugs (like your “World’s Greatest Surf Spectator” one). And the powder-coated steel frame holds up to 300 pounds—so bring an accomplice.

UD - Filson Rucksack

Filson Rucksack

What: A rugged, American-made, water-repellent backpack with leather straps to balance your load.
Why: The large storm-flap opening makes for easy packing and unpacking. And the two big front pockets keep important things (like that mermaid flask) close at hand.

UD - Wind iPhone App

Wind iPhone App

What: The app was originally made for sailors, but it’s invaluable to the layman looking to stay abreast of the tide, wind and temperature.
Why: Yes, there’s a Mavericks app, too, but this one will actually let you predict the 24-hour surfing window even before the pros do. Also, super handy if you take up pirating.

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