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A Shiny New Irish Pub in the EAV

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A.C. Milan. Manchester United. Arsenal.

Maybe those names mean something to you. Maybe they don’t.

But we’re willing to bet that if you threw yourself in front of about 35 whiskeys, some shepherd’s pie and a few yellow-haired European expats, you’d figure out this whole football thing pretty quickly.

Crunch time...

Welcome to the Elder Tree Public House, a shiny new Irish pub that puts soccer above all and heady pints of Smithwick’s... also above all, now open in the East Atlanta Village.

Seriously, though, this place is pretty intense about its field sports. They’ll even open early if there’s a big game on (and considering the UEFA Champions League is happening right now, expect that to happen a lot).

Then again, maybe you don’t care. In which case you’ll want to find your way over the dark hardwood floors and under the pressed-tin ceilings and direct your attention to the giant L-shaped bar in the center of the room. You’ll find plenty of Tripel Karmeliet and Dundee Brown drafts there. And all that whiskey. And gin.

Better yet, pop in late-night and grab a high-backed wooden booth for a Public House Breakfast (it’s cured pork loin, bangers, white and black pudding, and fried eggs) before putting on a darts clinic in the back.

Or a gin clinic.


Elder Tree Public House
469 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, GA, 30316


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