Cucina Asellina

From Italy With...

A New Italian Power Spot from the STK Guys

None You remember the one about the stork.

That miraculous tale of life wherein a bird puts babies in its mouth and drops them off on doorsteps.

Just beautiful.

Well, there’s a similar story unfolding in Midtown right now.

Only the stork is STK. And the baby is...

A little place called Cucina Asellina, a laid-back new power spot from the STK guys filled with wood-fired meatballs and truffle-y flatbreads, opening Monday on the corner of 12th and Peachtree.

First things first: forget about STK for now. The fat steaks. The DJs. The for-absolutely-no-reason horns popping out of the wall... It’ll all still be right next door if you need it.

As for this place, things are a bit more dinner lounge-y—think gray leather banquettes lined with mirrors. Light-colored wood. An inconspicuous bar toward the back. Not to mention the fact that they’ve managed to pack a more-than-fair amount of pappardelle and homemade lasagna into a tiny box-shaped room.

But as fate would have it, that’s all you need. Once they get out of dinner-only mode after the first few days, you’ll definitely want to drop by for a quick—or not quick—lunch over Saffron Strozzapreti with shrimp and brandy, artichoke flatbreads and some Italian sangria.

Although you may find yourself equally placated by a board full of cured meats and pecorino at a communal table right around, say, happy hour.

Which is as good a time to feel placated as any.

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