Clap On, Clap Off

Like the Clapper for Your Phone

None The Clapper.

An idea before its time. The clapping. The Oscar-worthy ads. The, uh, clapping.

Clearly, it was only a matter of time before applause-based technology would make its triumphant return...

Say hello to Snap Clap, a camera app for your iPhone that you can control by clapping your hands, available now.

Please: calm down. As we said earlier, this is basically the Clapper for your iPhone (or iPad) camera. Meaning that, finally, you can take pictures without hiring a pricey smartphone-trained photographer.

When you’ll use it: well, there’s a special day coming up. You’ve been planning for months. Got a date. Made reservations. Canceled them. Got better reservations. Bought flowers. Yep, it’s the Mavericks game this Saturday night.

You’ll be picking up your date when she insists you take a photo together. (She loves your bespoke thundersticks.) But alas, a problem: no cameraman. That’s when you’ll fire up this app. After gently setting your phone on her kitchen counter, you’ll assume a pose. (Blue Steel should do the trick.) Then clap once, wait five seconds, and... it takes a picture.

You had a feeling that would happen.

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