Mount Fuji

Where Latin America Meets Japan

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Lately, you’ve heard a lot of talk about vintage this and reclaimed that. Classic comfort food. Americana.

Today we’re going to talk about the opposite of that—a bright, shiny, culture-clashing Latin-Asian spot, where nothing is vintage (especially not the fish).

It’s called Fujimar and it soft-opens on Tuesday.

You’ve been here before when it was called Lima (in fact, the downstairs lounge still is), but now it’s gone mod: all red, white and steel.

On a date, you’ll make two stops: first, at the new bi-level bar, where you’ll sit on a red-velvet bar stool and loosen up over funky cocktails like a Manhattan made with sesame-infused Japanese rye and plum bitters.

Then it’s down the long hall to the glass-and-steel sushi bar, where they focus on simple rolls and sashimi, with fish flown in from Hawaii every day. To wash it down: the 22-ounce bottles of Japanese beer and the even heftier bottles of sake.

But for big dinner parties, you’ll book a massive white booth in the back dining room—and just start ordering everything. Sushi, sure, but also shareable main courses like lobster in wasabi-mango butter, Kung Pao Beef Fajitas and Black Velvet Chilean Sea Bass.

The Blue Velvet sea bass would have been too creepy.

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