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Gin and Jazz on the 13th Floor

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You know how some elevators don’t have a button for the 13th floor...

Turns out that button is kind of important. It leads to raucous nights of gin, jazz and burlesque.

It does now, anyway. Welcome to Bar Thirteen, a hidden den of Downtown debauchery stowed 13 floors up, now open in the historic Pershing Square Building.

You’ll find this place just underneath Perch, that elegant rooftop bar from the same owners. So if you’re in the mood for similarly stunning views without the winter chill—and hell, maybe a little jazz or a pretty girl throwing her leg behind her head—this is your spot. (Unlike Perch, it’s totally indoors.)

Your evening will go something like this: you’ll usher your date out of the elevator, down the narrow corridor and inside to a little table by the windows. It’s a dark, secretive-type place where nothing matches—on purpose. Order some charcuterie and a Jacques Collins, with gin and saffron. Wouldn’t be a real date without some saffron.

At first you’ll get to know each other in hushed tones. Great. But soon, a jazz band will appear onstage. Or a comely burlesque performer. Or maybe they’ll screen a movie. There’s no way to know.

Well, except for the calendar on the website.

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