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Today, we’re going back. Way back. All the way to... late 2011. That’s when the guys at the Warwick closed off The Landmark Restaurant for a complete face-lift. Well, it’s back, and we stopped in to see when the new version might come in handy. Herewith, a few ideas...

A date with a budding Top Chef
You’ll sit at the brand-new eight-person chef’s table under a crystal chandelier in the center of the room. Get comfortable as the chef starts throwing five courses of culinary fury at you. And by fury we mean burratta fondue, lobster pasta and grilled veal.

Dinner with clients... and their expense account
There’s a private room with a roundtable next to the new floor-to-ceiling glass wine vault. You’ll have 400 bottles of vino to choose from as you celebrate the closing of the Yu Darvish deal. Let Mr. Ryan give the first toast.

When you need total privacy
Silent investors. Secret agents. Mistress Day dinner. (It’s the day before Valentine’s, as you’re no doubt shocked to discover.) You have your reasons for going unnoticed. Your move: the secluded high leather booth in the back corner, where only the waiter can see your identities. (Fake mustache optional.) As an encore, hide out in their low-lit (and unrenovated) cocktail den, the Library Bar.

Hey, if it ain’t broke...

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