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A New House of Brown Liquor and Cured Meats

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And now, some midday fun facts:

1) Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
2) Slugs have four noses.
3) Tonight, you will find yourself surrounded by meat hooks while drinking popcorn-infused rum.

Let’s take a closer look behind door number three...

Welcome to Fig Jam, a slick and bucolic new spot with a penchant for cured meats, communal supping and brown liquor, soft-opening tonight in south Buckhead.

There’s not much in this world that a tumbler full of rye and a towering glass case filled with salumi and cheese can’t fix. This place gets that.

You’ll swing by right around happy hour with some fellow countrymen in tow. The first thing you’ll notice: wood. Everywhere—logs of it stacked in iron cases. Slats of it lining the walls. And a huge communal table made from a thick slab of it.

Which is as good a spot as any to set up shop and begin the arduous task of filling every square inch of timber with speck, charred octopus and lamb belly doused with a fig-bourbon glaze.

Starting next week, the bar will be open late on Fridays with the occasional DJ thrown in for good measure. Oh, and the cocktail list is comprised almost entirely of whiskey, rum and gin drinks—including the Cinema Highball, that popcorn-infused rum number we mentioned earlier.

And to think your Raisinet martini was almost out of R&D.

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