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Duck-Fat Fries and Spiked Milkshakes on Franklin

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Your top resolutions involve bourbon milkshakes, duck-fat fries and several members of the Upright Citizens Brigade.


So you’ll want to visit Franklin & Company, a cozy gastropub next door to the UCB Theatre on Franklin, now open.

From the owner of the Oaks a block away, this is a low-key little neighborhood joint filled with just the kind of decor you can get behind—chalkboards decorated with words like “burgers” and “beer,” wine barrels covering the walls and whiskey labels plastered all over the stairs. Call it mid-whiskey modern.

So yes, it’s the perfect place to grab an Old-Fashioned Milk Shake (it’s an Old Fashioned... and a milkshake) and a Franklin Philly with rib eye and provolone before a UCB show. (There are shows every night. Our pick: Asssscat on Sundays at 7:30pm.)

But it’s also a great place to just... buy a beer for your friend. Which you can actually do even if he’s not there. The bartender mans a chalkboard with three columns—“To,” “From” and “Choice”—so next time your friend comes in, he can see you thought he might like a cold Dogfish ale. On you. (You’ll pay in advance.)

And if somebody rings the bell on the bar, it means that person has to buy everybody a drink. Seriously.

Which really brings a neighborhood together.


Franklin & Company
5923 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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